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Ran Carthon confirms Titans asked Kevin Byard to take pay cut

Thảo luận trong 'SEO - Thủ Thuật SEO' bắt đầu bởi EllenPagen, 21/10/23.

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    Ran Carthon validated earlier records yesterday that the Tennessee Titans did ask Kevin Byard to take a pay cut. He took place to say that Byard did not ask to be cut or traded after that happened. Sorry, Stillman. It was refreshing to see Carthon be so honest in that circumstance. You do not always get that from a basic supervisor. I still do not understand why he asked Byard to take a pay cut. Byard is the 5th greatest paid safety and security in the organization and still plays like a top-5 safety Titans Store and security - not to mention the fact that you couldn't request a much better person to be a leader on your team. He has actually been the epitome of a team-first person his entire career here. Byard supposedly wasn't in the building recently for the Titans' very first round of OTAs. That isn't always a large bargain, however it does raise a few questions because he is normally around for every one of that kind of stuff. If I needed to wager, I would wager that when the dirt picks every one of this that Byard is playing safety and security for the Titans when the period opens in September.

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